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Rise By Ritual

Macro Butterfly wing background,  Danaus chrysippus

A monthly gathering led by women who are here to inspire, empower, and awaken other women.

2024 Schedule | Hosted at Trilogy Sanctuary

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A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

We are being called upon to rise and share our voices, our stories, our gifts, and primarily to help one another heal. This women's cirlce was birthed as a dharma project during yoga training in Guatemala. We were challenged to face what we were most "resisting." It ended up being, that what I was most resisting, was what I was most craving, calling in, and needing - WOMEN. To my surprise my vision was a Women's Circle where women gathered together in their strengths and weaknesses, in ALL they are, a space they can come to raw, unafraid, and open to their process of learning, transforming, healing, and dreaming, Women leave each session feeling seen, heard, understood, informed, connected, inspired, and empowered to apply what they learned to their own life.

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