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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is absolutely true! I first met Gabrielle 10 years ago. (In fact, I don't remember our first meeting, because I feel like I've known her always). I was just embarking on the empty-nest, midlife journey and Gabrielle was a vital part of that. Her yoga classes were a new lease on life for me and taught me so much: how to breathe, how to move, how to just "be". Her classes are magical and anyone lucky enough to be a part of one will see just what I mean. She will always encourage you and believe in you. I am glad to know her and wish teleportation was possible so I could be back in her classes. And who knows? She might just crack that one day!" 

Jean Beauvais

"When I came to yoga for the first time in San Diego, I walked into Gabrielle's class. Immediately I felt that warm embrace of finding my new yoga home. The space she creates for her students to explore their individual practice and dive into their personal creativity is unmatched. She sees her students—that is a gift. I know no one with the same passion for life that Gabrielle embodies. I have been so blessed to practice with her for years.”

Rachel Webb,  RN, YTT Graduate

"Gabrielle has a special way to make you feel seen from the first time that you meet her. she is warm, big-hearted and allows you instant access to her experiences and wisdom. i have been lucky enough to be a student, a colleague and friend and have witnessed the high level of care that she puts into everything that she does. I find myself in awe of her ability to connect with her students and her graceful resolve to live a life of meaning & depth."

Sheri Colosimo, Miracles On The Mat, Owner; Strong As A Mother Summit, Founder

"Gabrielle lead my 200 hr yoga teacher training in the beginning of 2018. She not only taught me how to teach yoga but through those hours together helped me open my mind and soul to what truly makes me happiest. I work in software sales and had been searching for something more. Thru yoga with Gabrielle I have started teaching yoga and life coaching. It is so blatantly clear that Gabrielle is living her truth thru teaching yoga and helping others to experience fulfillment, joy and laughter every day. She is extremely knowledgeable about the mental and physical practices of yoga and loves sharing that with others. I truly believe her to be one of the best yoga teachers in San Diego!"

Brittany Brown, Student, YTT Graduate

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